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Are you looking for an alternative space for your office, home or anything else? Our company can fulfil your requirements and help you. Create a space according to your needs and we will construct it in just couple of weeks. We are young and dynamic company, that constructs and sells modern modular buildings, simple container buildings, containers, modern modular houses and weekend houses, multifunctional warehouses, etc. Our unique portfolio offers beautifully designed modular buildings for lowest prices. From now you won’t loose your precious time by projecting and constructing your building or by getting building permits, because we can offer you both time and money saving solution that meets your business goals.

We can provide you any type of working or living space and also construct for you a multi-storey modular building.

We can offer a wide variety of modular buildings that can be used as:

  • Shops, kiosks, fast food restaurants, terraces, showrooms, garages, sanitary facilities, administrative and restaurant facilities, offices, schools, kindergartens, mobile stands, containers and container formations, summer houses, bus stops
  • Shop-moduls which are suitable for gas-station areas, modern portable buildings constructed using combined materials, buildings for living, warehouse and sanitary facilities, cottages, apartment compilations and apartment buildings, exchange offices and other offices or non-office buildings.

Our products are known for their outstanding quality and modern aesthetic design. Our main goal is to offer you more than any other company. We offer correct business relations, high quality, trust and qualified help. Satisfaction of our costumers is the most important aspect in our work and therefore we are ready to meet all your requirements. Main difference between us and other companies, which sell classic containers, is highly aesthetic appearance of our modular buildings. It is because we care about the space, that you will use for your business or living.

Advantages of our products

  • Lowest price

  • Simple construction

  • Modern design

  • Fast construction

  • Easy manipulation with objects

  • We provide transport and construction

  • Heat-proof buildings

  • All-season use

  • Easy transport to different spot

  • Easy enlargement if necessary

  • Possibility to add facilities later

Advantages of our products

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Jednoduché konštrukčné riešenie

Moderný, estetický vzhľad

Rýchla realizácia - už do 4 týždňov

Ľahká manipulácia s objektmi

Zabezpečujeme prevoz a montáž

Vysoké tepelnoizolačné vlastnosti

Celoročné využitie

Bezproblémový presun modulov na iné miesto

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