Exterior finishes

For exterior finish can be used either cassette finishes (in colour shade chosen by customer) or various natural materials, such as different types of wood, stone or marble.

MODERN PANEL is a new collection of facade cladding KERRAFRONT. The MODERN PANEL panels have a matte finish, embossed pattern of wooden construction and are available in seven colours – from natural and warm shades of different shades of gray.

KERRAFRONT is a modern facade cladding that does not require any maintenance after installing. Other materials, such as wood, must be painted regularly, which requires time and money. Thanks to its innovative technology, KERRACORE is extremely durable and resistant to changing weather conditions.

This product has a 10-year warranty.

Technical specifications

KERRAFRONT facade cladding is manufactured using KERRACORE technology. It is a two-layer technology.

Outer layer (hard PVC):

  • impact and scratch resistant; its surface has a typical coloured and embossed tactile structure.
  • Ultra-Therm special modifiers and the so-called “cold pigments” used in the dyeing process of the top layer guarantee the best resistance to high temperatures and colour stability.

Core (PVC foam):

  • is characterized by high density and homogeneity of material, resulting in dimensional stability and mechanical strength of the product

KERRACORE technology provides the product with extreme impact resistance as well as extreme weather conditions, humidity or bacterial resistance.