Technologies and manufacturing

We focus on quality

Our main goal is satisfied costumer, so we accept any requests and responses to improve our work and service.

We try to find new solutions

We improve the quality and qualification of our working team all the time.

We set no limits

We try to get better in our work and always try to make even nonstandard and seemingly unreal requirements possible.

We use latest technologies for the production of our modular buildings, which guarantee the superior quality of our products. In order to increase the quality and efficiency of production, we continuously modernize our technological equipment. We often meet even non-standard requests of our costumers with maximum flexibility and willingness to look for new technological solutions.

Each modular building consists of several separate steel construction modules. All our modular buildings are designed to withstand bad weather conditions. The entire production consists of manufacturing individual parts of the modular building such as: frame, floor, ceiling, walls, and other equipment according to your requirements.

Steel structures are welded together under professional supervision.

All modular buildings produced by our company meet both structural and static international standards.

High quality of our products is ensured by continuous control of manufacturing process and production technologies. Great flexibility allows various design options during planning and as a final product.


All the necessary certificates will be delivered to you with each modular building.

Our relationship to the environment and safety

Our company is consciously trying develop in the environmental field and also helps in the local regional environmental protection programs. At work, we really care about health protection, work safety and fire protection systems for our customers, suppliers and the public.

Our company respects all technological standards, environmental standards and occupational safety regulations in all its activities.