Electric convectors

The ADAX NEO electric heating panel is a work of Norwegian designers who won the prestigious Norwegian Design Council Award in 2008. The ADAX NEO convector combines economic functionality and aesthetics. The convector is suitable for heating any modular building. Thanks to its appearance, it is suitable for any room where it can be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Functionality of ADAX NEO convectors

Convectors are able to guarantee stable temperature of 28°C, but this is not normally the case. The surface temperature of the panels can reach up to 84°C. For their production, a special metal heating element is used, which does not anneal at high temperatures and thus the average surface temperature is lower.

ADAX NEO Convector Features:

  • digital thermostat with temperature adjustment (comfort / economy ), time and date
  • indication of heating by red LED,
  • control buttons on the side of the panel
  • backup of program settings during high tariff (DD5-D11)
  • guarantees a heating temperature of 28 ° C
  • heating panel surface temperature max. 84 ° C
  • simple and fast wall mounting (not ceiling, floor or horizontal surfaces)
  • wall mounting frame included
  • plug connection, 1.1 m long power cord with a plug

Built-in thermostat

ADAX NEO has a built-in digital thermostat that continuously controls the room temperature. It is possible to choose a comfortable and economical temperature mode. 25% of energy can be saved when the convector is set correctly.

Dimensions of ADAX NEO convectors

ADAX NEO heating panels are only 37 cm high and weigh on average from 4 to 6 kg. When mounted on a wall they stick out 10 cm from the wall and the convector bracket sticks out 3 cm from the wall. The convectors are connected to the power supply by a plug with an earthing pin. A 1.1 m power cord is a standard for each convector. The heating panel can only be mounted on a vertical wall under the window. It cannot be mounted on a ceiling, floor or horizontal surface.

Elegance in every colour

Colour versions:

  • Black (RAL 9005)
  • Red (RAL 3020)
  • Silver – gray (RAL 9006)
  • White (RAL 9016).


Brand: ADAX
Width: 47.4 cm
Height: 37 cm
Weight: 4.3 kg
Power: 400 W
IP coverage: IP 20
Power core length: 1.1 m with a connector